THE YOUNG AMERICANS - Signature Performing Arts Workshop

NOVEMBER 9-11: The Young Americans 45-member cast of international performers will present a high-energy comprehensive performance workshop covering everything from vocal techniques, dance, and comedy improvisation, to stage movement and more. By the end of the event, your child will be the one in front singing, dancing, and performing the variety show and solos they’ve learned. Since 1992, this program continues to inspire thousands of children every year across the globe.

Location: Camden County College

Grades: For students 3rd-College, students of any skill level are

encouraged to attend

Cost $97: Includes Registration & costume for the show

Registration Link:

Videos & Info:

This is a 3 day event of performance training, fun and friend making that your child will never forget.    Please see schedule below and register soon.



Location • Camden County College • Theater
3:30 PM ›› Students Arrive • Registration/Check-In
4:00 PM ›› Workshop Begins • We’ll begin by meeting The Young Americans with a performance. Family and friends are invited!
6:00- 7:00 PM ›› Dinner Break • Bring a packed dinner
9:00 PM ›› Workshop Ends • Family and friends are invited to join us the last ten minutes for a sneak peek of what the students learned today!


Location • Camden County College • Theater
8:00 AM ›› Students Arrive & Check-In
8:15 AM ›› Workshop Begins
12:00- 1:00 PM ›› Lunch Break • Bring a packed lunch
5:30 PM ›› Workshop Ends & Receive Tour Shirt


Location • Camden County College • Theater
3:15 PM ›› Students Arrive & Check-In
3:30 PM ›› Dress Rehearsal • Please arrive wearing your tour shirt.
5:30- 6:45 PM ›› Dinner Break 
6:45 PM ›› Students Return to Designated Area
6:30 PM ›› Doors Open
7:00 PM ›› Act 1 Begins • The Young Americans
7:50 PM ›› Intermission
8:05 PM ›› Act 2 Begins • The YAs & the students
9:05 PM ›› Show Ends

Once again you can register here:
Registration Link: