Titanic Auditions




May 17th 7:00 - 8:30
This is open to all those who would like to run through the audition selections with the vocal musical director in preparation for auditions.

Mainstage Center for the Arts
Performing Arts Academy
27 S. Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ
(enter through rear door top of ramp)

May 24 & 25 6:30 - 9:30
Mainstage Center for the Arts
Performing Arts Academy
27 S. Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ
(enter through rear door top of ramp)

May 27 if needed beginning at 6:30

1. All those entering 8th grade through adults are welcome to audition.
2. All those auditioning must sing one of the selections provided.  Please see audition material links below.
3. Please come to auditions with completed audition form and conflict schedule. 
4. There is a $50. Activity Fee associated with this program that should be paid at the first rehearsal. Checks can be made payable to Mainstage Center for the Arts.

Please download and bring completed to auditions.
Audition Form for TITANIC 

Please review this rehearsal calendar and list any conflicts you have on your audition form.   A specific weekly calendar will be posted on Friday of each week.  Only those called for on any given date will need to attend. 
Titanic Calender-1

The Vocal Music Director, Mr. Robert Joubert, will go through all of these selections on May 17th at Academy Hall during the vocal music workshop.  He strongly encourages candidate to prepare a specific audition selection and become familiar with all gender accurate selections in the event you are asked to sing something else for call backs.

Ensemble Audition


Female Roles - I Have Danced


Female Roles - Ladys Maid



Male Roles - Mr Andrews Vision


Male Roles - To Be a Captain


Tenor Roles - Barrett's Song


Below are all of the roles that will need to be filled.  Doubling and tripling is possible.
The directors are also looking for two boys in the 10 year old range to fill one child's role.  


Thomas Andrews — the ship’s designer and builder, late 30’s
J. Bruce Ismay — the ship’s owner, late 40’s,
E.J. Smith — captain of the Titanic,
Murdoch — first officer; doubles as 2nd-Class Passenger, a Scotsman, 39
Harold Bride — radioman
Frederick Barrett — stoker,
Frederick Fleet — lookout;
Henry Etches — senior 1st-Class Steward;
Joseph Bell — chief engineer, doubles as bandmaster Wallace Hartley
Isidor Straus — 1st-Class Passenger;
Ida Straus — Mrs. Isidor Straus; doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger
Alice Beane — 2nd-Class passenger
Kate McGowan — a young Irish girl

Officers & Crew
Lightoller — second officer;
Pitman — third officer;
Boxhall — fourth officer;
Hitchens — quartermaster;
Bellboy — doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger

First-Class Passengers
John Jacob Astor, 47
Madeleine Astor, 19 — the very young Mrs. Astor
Benjamin Guggenheim — an American millionaire
Mme. Aubert — Guggenheim’s French mistress
John B. Thayer
Marion Thayer — John’s wife
Jack Thayer — their nine-year-old son
George Widener — doubles as Carlson
Eleanor Widener — George’s wife
Charlotte Cardoza, a handsome woman in her 40’s
Edith Corse Evans — doubles as 2nd-Class Passenger
J.H. Rogers —
The Major —

Second-Class Passengers

Alice Beane – middle-aged, American with middle-west accent
Edgar Beane — husband of Alice
Charles Clark — young, British and middle-class
Caroline Neville — young, British and aristocratic

Third-Class Passengers

Jim Farrell, a handsome Irishman

The Three Kates – young Irish girls
Kate McGowan
Kate Mullins
Kate Murphey


Frank Carlson — an American on shore; doubles as Widener
Andrew Latimer — steward in First Class
Stewardess Robinson
Stewardess Hutchinson
The DaMicos — professional dancers
Wallace Hartley – bandmaster (doubles as Bell)
Taylor — bandsman; doubles as Boxhall
Bricoux — bandsman; doubles as Hitchens
Stewards — for all three Classes
Additional 1st-Class Passengers [Fleet, Farrell, McGowan, Mullins and Murphey]
Additional 2nd-Class Passengers [Murdoch, Lightoller, Fleet and Edith
First Man — from 3rd Class;
Second Man — from 3rd Class;
Third Man — from 3rd Class;
Fourth Man — from 3rd Class;
German Man — from 3rd Class;
Italian Couple — from 3rd Class;
Additional 3rd-Class Passengers [Boxhall, Hitchens, Bell, Bellboy, Ida, Aubert, Marion, Jack, Eleanor, Cardoza and Edith]