Introducing Mainstage Stage Crew

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Get in on the Ground Floor

For more info:

Mainstage Center for the Arts, in Gloucester Township, NJ, is looking for middle and high school aged students who are interested in joining the new exclusive Mainstage Stage Crew

You will learn and implement all facets of technical theatre and all stage crew related activities:

  • Set Design and Construction
  • Prop Design and Acquisition techniques
  • Lighting Design, Lighting equipment functions, electronic light board operation
  • Knowledge of the uses of theatre fly systems and integration with set design
  • Sound Design, Sound Equipment, microphone differentials, electronic sound boards, equipment maintenance
  • Scenic Design and painting for all effects
  • Cue Calling
  • Stage Crew Etiquette 
  • Follow Spot Techniques
  • Club Atmosphere
  • Association with all Mainstage Center  productions and activities

Fun, Enlightening, and Educational

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