Performing Arts Academy - HIGH SCHOOL


                     Acting for the Camera (6th-12th)                 Monday 5:15-6:15

                     Acting  – High School                              Tuesday 6:30-8:00

                     Acting  – High School                              Wednesday 7:00-8:30

                     Acting for the Camera (6th-12th)                 Thursday  7:15-8:15

ACTING: Age appropriate acting skills will be developed as students grow through the Performing Arts Academy  series of acting classes. Exploration of stage directions, character development, improvisation, scene study, creativity, storytelling, ensemble and solo work, puppetry, voice and articulation and more  will be embraced at the appropriate a levels of study.    * 90 minute high school class billed at the 60 minute rate.


ACTING  FOR THE CAMERA: 3 month fall class – Students will learn how to bring out the best of themselves at a commercial audition.  This includes tips, techniques, and personalized coaching on how to deliver a professional commercial audition.  This class is ideal for the student who wants to become comfortable in front of the camera and loves to perform. Each week students will be filmed, and the commercials will be watched in class for feedback from their peers and the instructor.



                           Broadway Pros (6th-12th)           Monday 7:15-8:15

                           Broadway Pros (6th-12th)           Thursday 5:30-6:30


BROADWAY PROS   – 6th – 12th  The intensity of study grows as students at this level travel through the ages of Broadway Musicals learning dance combinations from different eras of musicals while also focusing on acting through song.

                   MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY

                                       Thursdays  6:30 – 8:30

MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY: This is a performance based class that will culminate in a fully staged Musical and other performance opportunities. Students in this class must be enrolled in Broadway Apprentice’s, Broadway Pros, or currently taking MCA classes/lessons in 2 of the 3 disciplines (acting, dance, voice).  * This two hour class is billed at the 90 minute rate.

FALL SEMESTER ONLY Monday 6:15-7:15

STAGE MAKE-UP: Learn the ins and
outs of stage makeup for exploration and work behind the scenes on film sets, television shoots and live theatre. This class will walk students through the basics of makeup all the way through to the special effect techniques used on their favorite screen or live theatre characters.

                      THEATRE ON THE FLY
                                 for 4th – 12th graders
                             Theatre on the Fly (4th-12th) Wednesday 5:00-6:00

THEATER ON THE FLY: Have you ever wanted to make up a show as you go along? Have you ever wondered what the professionals do when they forget their lines on stage? Have you ever wanted to create a show of your own, and perform it in front of an audience? Then the brand new Improvisational Ensemble class is for you! This class will involve learning how to act on the spot, how to work together as a team, and how to incorporate improvisation into theatre, all through fun games and exercises.