The Studio at MCA - Private Lessons in Voice, & Acting for all ages

About the Program

Mainstage Center for the Arts is here to help you improve your voice, acting, piano, and guitar skills, whether it is gearing up for a professional direction or just the sheer joy of performing. Our teaching artists can share their expertise and experience to make this a growing and enjoyable opportunity for any age or level of experience.



Purchased in 4 or 10 session packages.

Session Length 4 Sessions Price/session
30 Minutes $160.00 $40.00 
50 Minutes  $220.00 $55.00
Session Length 10 Sessions Price/session Savings
30 Minutes $350.00 $35.00 $50.00
50 Minutes $525.00 $52.50 $25.00

#2 REVIEW TEACHER BIOS. Please note that teachers are only available on certain days and times.  So if schedule is the priority verses the teacher. Consider schedule first.

MEREDITH BECK – Private Voice, Acting  (Virtual lessons only)

Meredith is a professional singer and actress in Philadelphia. She attended Ithaca College and graduated magna cum laude with her BFA in voice and acting and a minor in dance. She has performed in NYC in the workshops of Thanks and National Pastime. – directed by Tony nominee Hunter Foster. She was a part of the tour The Irish & How They Got That Way as the Philadelphia & Boston cast. (Cast album- principle vocals, flutist) Regional theaters include Kimmel Center, Bucks County Playhouse, Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, 11th Hour, Hedgerow, BTop, Heritage, Brickhouse, and more! She was a part of the premiere Oscar Hammerstein Festival at the Bucks County Playhouse under the direction of Stafford Arima and the musical direction of Gary Adler. Meredith is a founder & member of The Galway Girls, a troupe of Celtic singers and instrumentalists. Specialties in classical, pop, rock, and musical theater voice.


Ashley learned to play guitar when she was twelve years old. This skill became valuable to her as she played in bands, competed in songwriting competitions, and performed at local venues. Most importantly, the guitar empowered her to express herself during challenging times. The guitar was a hobby, but it also gave her community, purpose, and lifelong friends. Now she is an educator, and her passion is teaching others guitar! At Mainstage, she offers one on one guitar lessons, where she tailors the learning to the individual interests of her students. She also leads Guitar Club, where students are challenged with new guitar skills while collaborating and jamming with other young musicians.

CAILYN WOLF – Private Voice and Acting

Cailyn  is thrilled to be given this opportunity to foster the young minds and artists of the future at Mainstage! Cailyn has a BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre and a minor in Dance Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Some of her favorite past shows include Shrek at MPAC, Aida, Company, and Into the Woods. Her love for teaching comes from a long line of past educators who have inspired her and instilled in her a passion for theatre education. Cailyn has a long background in many styles of dance such as tap and jazz and has been professionally and classically trained in voice since she was 5 years old. She was also a member of the Harmony Show Choir with Mainstage! Cailyn is extremely excited to join the Mainstage team and to share her love for theatre and the arts!





You can join these  lessons regardless of your  ability and help yourself take your passion to a higher level.   So, what are you waiting for?

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3 Major Benefits of Taking Singing Lessons

Are you passionate about singing? Want to build a better connection with the audience? Want to feel more confident while performing? Or, perhaps your child is very inclined towards music and you’re planning to enroll him or her in singing lessons. Well, whatever be the reason, voice lessons can prove to be just perfect. Whether you are looking forward to turning your passion for singing into a career or simply a hobby, professional singing lessons can definitely help you to achieve your goals.

Learning to sing is not just about sounding good. There’s much more to it. A professional singing coach can help you take your passion to next level and reach new heights.

Mentioned below are few of the many benefits of taking professional voice lessons at Mainstage Center for the Arts:

  • Building a better connection with the audience: It’s always the overall performance that counts. It’s never just about singing on the stage. You might have an amazing voice and the right knowledge of high and low pitch, but until and unless you don’t know how to present yourself, you can’t be called a complete performer. With the help of singing lessons, you will be able to depict the uniqueness of your personality and thus, build a better connection with the audience. You can work on developing your sound along with conveying the emotion of the song through your voice. You will also learn to add-in little nuances that are uniquely you.
  • Build confidence: There is no denying the fact that even the most confident and outgoing people tend to get a little anxious before their performance on stage. A professional vocal training can help you in getting past the fear of people judging you and developing confidence at the same time. The more confident you feel, the better you deliver. This will help in enhancing your stage presence and keep the audience engaged with your performance.
  • Sing with ease and clarity: The vocal lessons help you, as a singer, to achieve a finer grasp of a musical style, apt performance techniques, focus, proper articulation, and delivery. You will learn how to use proper breath support, increase vocal range, sing with ease and clarity and learn to project your voice. You can work on enhancing the quality of your voice and also learn to express and interpret songs in a better way.