Performing Arts Academy - Voice

Vocal and Voice Classes

 About the Program

We are here to help you improve your singing – whether it’s for your church or school choir, a musical theatre production, or to audition for college, or the All-South Jersey or All-State Chorus.

  • Voice lessons can help you:
    •  Build a healthy vocal technique
    • Learn how to project your voice
    • Use proper breath support
    • Increase vocal range
    • Sing with ease and clarity
    • Learn how to express and interpret songs
    • Gain confidence
    Vocal lessons will include :
    • Vocal scales and exercises
    • Improving the quality of your voice
    • Expanding your range
    • Connecting with songs emotionally
    • Using breath correctly
    • Stage presence

Private Voice Lessons

For children through adults of any musical ability
Develop an even tone, a larger range, more strength and flexibility, and good breath support for your singing. Your friends and family will notice!

Vocal Coaching

Are you planning to audition this year? Try out for your chorus? Go for that scholarship, or even give American Idol a try? Learn how to really deliver that song for your upcoming show or audition. The vocal coach helps the singer achieve a finer grasp of a musical style, performance techniques, focus, articulation, and delivery.

You receive a vocal lesson in 30 or 50-minute increments with one of our esteemed faculty.  You may choose to purchase a 4-session package (for gearing up for an audition n or working on one particular piece) OR the ten session packages for the student that is looking to grow and work on their craft over a longer stint of time.  You may use these packages coordinated with the teacher’s availability and studio hours.   


Purchased in 4 or 10 session packages. 

Session Length

4 sessions

Price / Session

30 minutes



50 minutes



Session Length

10 sessions

Price / Session


30 minutes




50 minutes




Vocal Classes

For pricing and registration information, call (856) 302-6485 for Academy Hall or  e-mail: All of our vocal classes are held at our Blackwood location.