School of Dance - Dress Code & Policies



Financial Policies

Please understand our policy must be that what you are purchasing is not a class at a time, but a reserved place in that class. There is no provision for credit to be issued. Tuition is not refundable and no adjustments can be made for the number of days or classes in a given month or for days missed due to illness or any personal inconveniences. A student who withdraws from a class must do so by the 15th of the month or the next month’s full tuition will be automatically withdrawn from your account and not refunded or credited. In the event of insufficient funds, account holders will be charged a $35.00 service fee in addition to their regular monthly tuition payment. The total amount due must be delivered in cash directly to The School of Dance by the 15th of that month or the student will be dropped from class/es.

Tuition is in the form of a yearly charge broken down into monthly payments. Sometimes there are 4 classes per month and sometimes 5. With all the extra rehearsals, etc. it all evens out.

Payment Options:

• ALL Accounts must have a current debit/credit card on file. If we do not receive payment by the 15th of the month NO classes will be allowed until payment has been received.

• OPTION #1 – Automatically charge your debit/credit card on the 1st of each month.

• OPTION #2 – You can pay ONLINE or at STUDIO on your own by the 15th of the month. If you do not, we will charge your debit card/credit card on the 16th with an additional $10 Late Fee.     


Please report all absences to the studio by leaving a message at 856-582-4422. All absences are the dancer’s responsibility to make up and must be taken within the calendar month paid for. Be aware that it is not always possible for us to offer more than one class a week in any given style or age group/level. Make-Up classes can be in any class in the appropriate level. There is NO credit for missed classes. If there is another class available and it is not full, we will be happy to arrange a makeup. Thank you for your understanding.

Snow Days

If more than 2 snow days happen during class time, a scheduled snow day make-up will take place. Otherwise, it is the students responsibility to make-up a missed class because of snow.

Dress Code 

Ballet Classes:  Leotards (any style), pink or black tights, pink ballet slippers, ballet skirt, ballet sweater and legg warmers are acceptable. Hair is in a secured bun. No shorts, T-Shirts or baggy clothes.

 Jazz/ Tap/Contemporary Classes/Musical Theatre:  Leotard, bike shorts, sports bra or pink tank top, black or tan tights, form fitting jazz pants may also be worn. Jazz, Lyrical or Tap Character Heel Shoes. Please no baggy clothes or sweats in class. Hair must be secured back from face.

Hip Hop: T-Shirts and loose fitting tank tops and pants allowed. NO JEANS or STREET SHOES. Dance Sneakers or Sneakers specifically used ONLY for Dance and NOT worn outside ONLY. Students not in proper dance attire will not be allowed to participate in class.

Late Arrival to Class

Late arrival to class must be discouraged as classes are structured to accommodate warming up the body properly. Coming in late is dangerous to the muscles and disrupts the concentration of the class. Therefore, students arriving more than 15 minutes late will be asked to sit and watch rather than participate.

Class Requirements

ALL students on POINTE must take: 2 Ballet Classes a week plus a Pointe class (no exceptions).

ALL Contemporary students must be enrolled in a Ballet Class or had at least 2 years previous ADVANCED ballet training at our studio.

Advanced Classes are by Teacher/Director approval only! Not by Age.


All students participating in the Spring Recital must pay for costume and recital fees upfront. If more than 3 classes are missed after we resume classes from Spring Break until the recital date, the dancer will be in jeopardy of being removed from that classe’s recital dance at the discretion of the teacher and the director. Attendance is very important and impacts the entire class while preparing for a show.  


For more information contact

Kate Orlando- Artistic/Company Director –

Nancy Fiscella- Business Manager –


Or Call – (856) 582-4422

Cherry Tree Crossing Shopping Center 475 Hurffville Cross Keys Road Sewell, NJ 08080 856-582-4422