Outreach Program

Mainstage Center for the Arts celebrates over 36 years of fostering a dynamic, nurturing, and imaginative space for young performers in the South Jersey community. Our new Touring Outreach program aims to introduce students from diverse backgrounds to theater through tailored, curriculum-aligned performances—each thoughtfully crafted to be both socially impactful and entertaining.

Following the triumph of our inaugural season, we are thrilled to unveil three exciting new productions for the 2024-2025 school year. These cost-effective programs serve as invaluable tools for educators to seamlessly integrate the arts into their curriculum, ensuring that theater remains an accessible, enriching, and captivating experience for all.

Continue the Conversation
Our 45-minute productions extend beyond the stage, fostering meaningful classroom discussions with provided materials. Delve deeper into themes, characters, and messages, cultivating lasting learning experiences.

Bring Theater Anywhere
Our adaptable performances bring the stage to any space, providing all necessary materials for a seamless experience. Let our dedicated team handle setup and breakdown, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the show!

Performances available from $8 per student
Each show has the ability to travel and also has scheduled dates at Dennis Flyer Auditorium, offering you the flexibility to enjoy it either at your school or as a field trip!

855-936-2467 x703 • courtney@mainstage.org

Ideal for Grades K-4, suitable for Grade 5 as well.
Available June 2024

“Tales of the Heart” is a character education program that uses stories from various cultures to help students identify elements of strong personal character.

This fun and heartwarming show is geared towards guiding students to become people of character, people of H.E.A.R.T. Our actors have brought stories with them to share with everyone about 1 of 5 character traits that are understood to be of value. Each story also represents a different geographical/cultural location, allowing the show to have an underlying tone of unity and appreciation for different cultures and experiences.

Throughout the show actors will engage audience volunteers, use magic / illusions, and create a safe and encouraging environment.

Mainstage will provide supplemental educational packets for leading discussion pre / post performance.

Meeting curriculum standards in literature as well as character education while exploring character development and other topics that support anti-bullying.

Ideal for Grades 2-5, suitable for Grade 1 as well.
Available Fall 2024

This program will focus on both history, the present and the future as it helps students see themselves as they develop their understanding of their role in their family, community, country and world.

Our performers just discovered a magical trunk filled with stories of 5 different kids who have changed the world. These stories of real life young people have made an impact on their community, made advances in science, took a stand for equality and made their voices heard. At the end of the performance, the actors will encourage their audience to add their own story to theirs.
Developed in partnership with local historians, Small But Mighty History Makers meets curriculum standards in social studies and show is an excellent way to integrate social studies and civics while also providing biographical information about some of the most influential children in history.

Mainstage will provide study guides with conversation starters and activities for the students following the performance.

Ideal for Grades 1-5, suitable for Kindergarten as well.
Available Winter 2025

Join us for an interactive “morning show” style performance where the focus is on building healthy habits and starting your day with a mindful and health conscious attitude.

Our actors will portray co-hosts, guests, perform commercial segments, and interact with the audience throughout the show! Zany characters and puppets work together, educating students, helping them acquire the knowledge and skills of what is most essential to become individuals who possess health and physical literacy and pursue a life of wellness. This fun & interactive experience will help support schools in their desire to develop the habits necessary to live healthy, productive lives that positively impact their families, schools and communities.

This show was developed in partnership with a licensed personal trainer, nutritionist and LSW, MSS, MA, CTP who specializes in holistic well being. The show will engage audience volunteers throughout and provide real, tangible tactics for students to easily incorporate health and wellness into their everyday lives.

Mainstage will supply educational packets for pre/post performance discussion and activities as well as recipes and exercise guides.


855-936-2467 x703 • courtney@mainstage.org