Musical Theater

Musical Theatre

Sing, Dance, and Act all year long! Registration is now open! Pick your classes before they are full! One hour classes just $58 a month!


We are here to help you improve your singing – whether it’s for your church or school choir, a musical theatre production, or to auditon for college, or the All-South Jersey or All-State Chorus.


We offer a wide ranges of acting classes for people ages 3 through Adult!
Parent Classes

Parent Classes

Don't be bored while you wait! Take a class instead!

Film & Make Up for Stage & Screen

Mainstage is proud to offer film classes! We will take your creativity and make it a reality!

Performing Arts Academy

Acting Studios

America’s #1 fear is; “Standing up in front of an audience to make presentations of any kind.” All children at some point in their educational career will need to present a report orally in front of their class. Are they ready? Can they overcome the butterflies? Acting classes can help a child develop the confidence necessary to overcome this fear while preparing them for the career of their choice. Self esteem building, diction, projection and stage presence are key elements in this development. Ultimately these classes can help students prepare for opportunities in any field including the performing arts.

Vocal Studios

We are here to help you improve your singing – whether it’s for your church, school, or community choir; a musical theatre production; or college audition. We provide you with the skills necessary to do your best at the thing you love most.

Dance Studios – Mainstage School of Dance

Our program will not only give all students a basic understanding of the discipline of the art of dance but will allow them to develop their skills as dancers to a level where they can go on to pursue their interest in the artistic community of the real world.