Summer Stage Camp Nurse

Stipend: $3,000
Hours: Monday – Friday (8:45am – 3:15pm)
Camp Dates: June 20 to Aug. 4


  1. Review all medical forms and seek out any missing forms
  2. Contact parents who express specific needs or concerns on their forms
  3. Make the staff aware of any specific medical issues that could impact a camper’s safety.  (ie: Allergies, use of an epi pen, epilepsy, physical or emotional limitations)
  4. Inventory, fill, and distribute first aid kits (provided by MCA) to every rehearsal and or workspace.
  5. Attend to any special medical needs as required for the health and safety of the children.  (Glucose monitoring, special timed snacks etc.)
  6. Attend general medical and first aid related issues.  (Handing out band aids, contacting parents to pick up sick children, etc)
  7. Contribute a “From the Nurse” article for the weekly newsletter. 
  8. Maintain a safe, clean and inviting environment for campers or staff to visit when in need of your support.
  9. Respond to parent concerns in reference to their child’s medical needs. 
  10. Attend all staff and parent meetings.
  11. Complete all end of season exit interviews and forms.


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