Performing Arts Academy - Performing Arts Classes for 4th & 5th Graders

All Classes take place at the Performing Arts Academy in Blackwood unless other wise noted as Glassboro.

Performing Arts 4th-5th GRADE CLASSES


Tuesdays  6:45-7:45
Wednesdays  5:30-6:30 
(GLASSBORO)    Wednesdays:   5:15 – 6:16  (4th – 6th grade)   6:15-7:15  (1st – 5th)

This course covers all the bases of stage performance for your young artist.  Drama, comedy, improvisation, creating a character, you name it, it’s covered!



Mondays  5:30 – 6:30
Wednesday  6:45-7:45  

Your young artist will learn all there is to know about musical theatre from two of our esteemed faculty!  Once dancing and singing are combined, artists will leave this course prepared, confident, and well-rounded performers.



Tuesdays     6:30 – 7:30

 This class is the gateway into the art and culture of Hawaiian dance with hula. Explore basic stance, movement, and concepts of the hula.



Thursdays  5:30-7:00

  This year we are turning the volume up! Performers in this program will perform holiday and musical theatre favorites around the area, then begin working on a full scale musical performance to be  performed at the Dennis Flyer Theatre! Students in this class must be enrolled in the skill-based class Broadway Song and Dance.